Between The Lines 91: Beha’alotcha

Episode 91 | 23:51 | 2023

Rabbi Alex Goldberg discusses the meaning of the word Beha’alotcha. 

Rabbi Alex Goldberg is a barrister, chaplain, and human rights activist. He is currently the Dean of the College of Chaplains and Coordinating Chaplain at the University of Surrey. He is the only rabbi within this role in Europe. He is currently working on a number of international and UK-based community relations and community development projects and is the Jewish chaplain to the University of Surrey. Alex regularly co-hosts a BBC radio show, a contributor to BBC Radio 2’s Pause For Thought and was a member of the BBC’s Religion and Ethics Conference.

He chairs the English Football Association’s Faith Network and founded the human rights group René Cassin.

He was founding chair of Faiths Forum for London and the Mayor of London’s Faith Conference. He has been a lead a delegation to the UN Human Rights Council for over a decade where he successfully changed international law in relation to group access to justice. In 2012, he was an Olympic and Paralympic Chaplain.


Music by LesFm