Between The Lines 112: Shemot

Episode 107 | 20.07 | 2024

Professor James Diamond discusses the philosophical and kabbalistic meaning of God’s names and the most enigmatic three words of the entire Torah. 

Professor James A. Diamond is the Joseph and Wolf Lebovic Chair of Jewish Studies at the University of Waterloo and former director of the university’s Friedberg Genizah Project. He holds a Ph.D. in Religious Studies and Medieval Jewish Thought from the University of Toronto. He has recently been appointed as a fellow at the University of Hamburg,  Maimonides Center for Advanced Studies. He is the author of Maimonides and the Hermeneutics of Concealment, Converts, Heretics and Lepers: Maimonides and the Outsider and, Maimonides and the Shaping of the Jewish Canon and most recently with Menachem Kellner –  Reinventing Maimonides in Contemporary Jewish Thought, Littman Library of Jewish Civilization, (co-authored with Menachem Kellner). 


Music by LesFm