Between The Lines 05: Chayei Sarah

Episode 05 | 21:44 | 2021

In his exploration of parashat Chayei Sarah, Rabbi Dr David Frankel questions the story of the cave of Machpelah and considers its ramifications. In conversation with Simon Eder.

Rabbi Dr. David Frankel did his doctorate at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. His publications include The Murmuring Stories of the Priestly SchoolThe Land of Canaan and the Destiny of Israel, and many scholarly articles. He teaches Hebrew Bible to Israeli M.A. and Rabbinical students at the Schechter Institute in Jerusalem.

Simon Eder is Editorial Director of Jewish Quest. He writes regularly for the site and has written for the Judaism column of the Jewish Chronicle. He is a founder of the Jewish Community in Dubai and due to feature in a documentary later this year about its founding. He studied Theology at The University of Cambridge.

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Music by LesFm