December 27, 2021

Replay: Are we heading for a post-denominational Jewish world?

From Limmud Festival 2021

Panel: Harris Bor, Nechama Goldman Barash, Miriam Feldmann Kaye,  Simon Eder

Should denominations survive? What do they mean? Do labels matter? Do we move between movements? Are theological or halachic (Jewish legal) underpinnings still relevant? Our panel is challenged as to what it takes to make our Judaism compelling and meaningful.

Harris Bor is a fellow and lecturer at the London School of Jewish Studies and a barrister specialising in international arbitration and commercial litigation. He holds a PhD in Theology from Cambridge University, is a rabbinic scholar with the Montefiore Endowment, and has been a visiting scholar at Harvard University and University College London.

Nechama Goldman Barash teaches Talmud and contemporary Halakha at Pardes in Jerusalem, with an emphasis on gender and sexuality in Judaism. She is writing a book on gender in Jewish law and she participates in Palestinian-Israeli dialogue in her spare time.

Miriam Feldmann Kaye is a lecturer in Jewish Philosophy at Bar Ilan University, and Associate Professor at Jewish Theological Seminary, New York. Her publications include her book Jewish Theology for a Postmodern Age, published by Liverpool University Press in association with the Littman Library of Jewish Civilization, in 2019.

Simon Eder is Editorial Director of Jewish Quest. He writes regularly for the site on contemporary moral issues and areas of theology. He also hosts a weekly podcast on the parasha with leading thinkers from around the world.